Tips for staying healthy this summer

Tips for staying healthy this summer With summer upon us, there are important things you can do when living with a chronic lung condition in hot and humid weather. Dealing with summer Drink plenty of water to keep mucus thinner and more coughable. Remember to keep taking your medication regularly, including rescue medication (e.g. Ventolin or Bricanyl) […]

Let’s get physical

While most chronic lung conditions have no cure, there are things that we can do to breathe easier, keep out of hospital and improve our quality of life. One of the important ones is doing pulmonary rehabilitation. Pulmonary rehabilitation Pulmonary rehabilitation is a comprehensive program of education and exercise – and research has shown that […]

Pulmonary rehabilitation outpatient program

Congratulations to Dr Sue Jenkins and Nola Cecins who received the Medal of the Order of Australia for their outstanding work in pulmonary rehabilitation. Dr Sue Jenkins and Nola Cecins are both physiotherapist at SCGH and run a pulmonary rehabilitation outpatient program. The program provides patients with: Supervised exercise training sessions Education on self-management An […]