join a clinical trial

Join a Clinical Trial

Join a Clinical Trial If you live with a respiratory illness, a clinical trial may give you access to new, innovative treatments as well as first class care from a range of specialists. For information on how to join a clinical trial, contact Leisa our Clinical Trials Recruitment Officer on 6457 4482 or 6457 3198. What is […]

Taking your inhaled medication as prescribed

The importance of taking your inhaled medication as prescribed There are many different types of inhaled medications on the market used to treat asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions. It is important to know the action of your inhaler and to ensure you are taking it as prescribed to get the most benefit. Two popular […]

Steroid dependent asthmatics

Do you have severe asthma? Many people with severe asthma have to take a medicine called corticosteroids. Some corticosteroids are given through an inhaler (inhaled glucocorticosteroids), however, often, when asthma is more severe, they are given by mouth (oral corticosteroids). Corticosteroids help to reduce the inflammation in the airways. However, with long-term use, corticosteroids can […]

Prednisolone to manage your asthma?

DO YOU NEED PREDNISOLONE DAILY TO MANAGE YOUR ASTHMA? The Institute for Respiratory Health is interested to hear from people with moderate to severe asthma that take daily oral corticosteroids (eg: Prednisolone) to manage symptoms for a new Asthma Clinical Trial. The Vocals WB28182 Clinical Trial will study a medication called Lebrikizumab which works by […]