School fundraising

Make it count

You can help support us by organising your own fundraising project in place of participating in an event.

Some Ideas to Get You Started

  • Make us a part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award Program or any Volunteer Program at school. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to fundraise for us and fulfil the obligations of your award program.
  • Use Everyday Hero to fundraise for an event, such as HBF Run for a Reason, Chevron City to Surf and nominate the Institute for Respiratory Health as your charity of choice. Raising funds in this way would also contribute to your volunteer work hours, which is registered in your school’s records. Check out our events page to see what’s on.
  • Bake and sell cakes and cookies.
  • Donation of services – set up your own car wash.
  • Sponsorship challenge – set yourself a challenge and get sponsored for it.
  • Birthday celebration – ask people to donate instead of a gift.
  • Host a charity barbeque.
  • Book sale or garage sale
  • Sponsored head shave

Email Sarah Cermak or call +61 8 6151 0815 for more information.





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