Prednisolone to manage your asthma?


TheBanner_Social_10 Institute for Respiratory Health is interested to hear from people with moderate to severe asthma that take daily oral corticosteroids (eg: Prednisolone) to manage symptoms for a new Asthma Clinical Trial.

The Vocals WB28182 Clinical Trial will study a medication called Lebrikizumab which works by blocking particular cells in the airways that cause inflammation.  Lebrikizumab is administered via monthly injection over a 76 week period.  The aim of the trial is to see if Lebrikizumab allows you to take lower doses or even cease daily oral steroids while still maintaining control of asthma.

This offers patients access to a non-steroidal treatment medication while still managing moderate to severe asthma.  Lebrikizumab is at the forefront of innovation in respiratory medication and the Institute of Respiratory Health is very excited to deliver this trial in our clinic with the aim to develop better treatment options for patients with asthma.

This Trial is accepting patients now.  For more information please contact Leisa Wilson our Recruitment Officer on +61 8 6457 4482 or register online.

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