Pulmonary rehabilitation outpatient program

Congratulations to Dr Sue Jenkins and Nola Cecins who received the Medal of the Order of Australia for their outstanding work in pulmonary rehabilitation.

Dr Sue Jenkins and Nola Cecins are both physiotherapist at SCGH and run a pulmonary rehabilitation outpatient program. The program provides patients with:

  • Supervised exercise training sessions
  • Education on self-management
  • An individualised home-based exercise program to supplement the supervised sessions

Scientific evidence has shown that pulmonary rehabilitation is more beneficial than most medications for lung disease however whilst all Australians have access to medications, not all have access to pulmonary rehabilitation.

Their goal is to increase awareness about pulmonary rehabilitation and have set up training workshops to train physiotherapists on how to deliver an evidence-based program with an aim of increasing the number of programs available to people in Western Australia.

If you are a physiotherapist and would like to find out how you can get involved training workshops please email Susan.Jenkins@health.wa.gov.au

If you have lung disease and would to take part in a pulmonary rehabilitation program please speak with your respiratory specialist for a referral.

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