Pleural Medicine Unit

Our research projects are focused on one common goal. To offer the best quality of life to everyone living with a lung condition.

Each year more than 60,000 people are affected by pleural disease in Australia.

Pleural malignancies and infections are the commonest causes of exudative pleural effusions, and their incidence, mortality and health-care costs continue to rise.

Established in 2009, the Pleural Medicine Unit is led by Professor Gary Lee one of the top clinical academics in pleural research. The Unit is regarded as one of the most active pleural research groups in the world. The group uniquely combines both clinical and laboratory staff and is closely integrated with the most active tertiary pleural services in Australia.

The program focuses on translational research in common pleural diseases. Especially cancer and infection, with a strong publication record on clinical (phase I to multicentre randomised trials) and bench research (molecular biology to animal models). As well as novel diagnostic and management strategies for pleural effusions.

Much of the research work has directly impacted clinical practice and helped reduce patient mortality and morbidity in malignant effusion. For example, setting up of the indwelling catheter services in WA and pleural infection such as the introduction of the new intrapleural therapy.

Professor Lee’s research focus is:

  • Malignant pleural diseases
  • Global gene expression profiling of malignant pleural mesothelioma in patients
  • Clinical studies of indwelling pleural catheters (IPC) vs pleurodesis in malignant effusions
  • Longitudinal and clinical studies of malignant pleural effusions

The Team

Research Projects

Publications and findings

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