National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD)


The National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD) was established as a national cooperative research centre in 2007 in Perth Western Australia by the Commonwealth government.

The NCARD stated aim was to “enable the best Australian scientists, clinicians and researchers in the field, using the best available modern technology, to work cooperatively to find a prevention and/or cure for asbestos cancers in the shortest realistic timeframe.”

NCARD have an excellent track record in attracting competitive research grants, both from Australian and international sources.

NCARD researchers are recognised as world leaders and have an extensive collaborative network with the leading cancer researchers throughout Australia and internationally.


More than 35 people make up the NCARD research team including; senior scientists, research assistants, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD and Honours students. 



Post-Doctoral Researchers

Research Assistants

  • Kim Burton
  • Graeme Wan
  • Jo Salmons
  • Leesa Goodsell
  • Peter Chiang
  • Sam Neeve
  • Ebony Rouse
  • Tom Casey

PhD Students

  • Shaokang Ma Wayne
  • Aston Rachael
  • Zemek Lizeth
  • Orozco Morales
  • Joel Kidman
  • Wes Wilson
  • Caitlin Tilsed
  • Nicola Principe
  • Melvin Chin
  • Synat Keam

Honours Students

  • Shahama Taifour
  • William Dunfield
  • Alex Hill
  • Jess Boulter
  • Catherine Reynolds

Masters Students

  • Laura Wainman
  • Roxanne Otadoy


  • Tracy Hayward
  • Bi Lam


  • Keisha Rice
  • Baca Chan
  • Emma Port
  • Nathan Eckhardt

Current research projects

  • NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence
  • The Australasian Malignant Pleural Effusion (AMPLE) Trial -3
  • The impact of therapy on T-cell recognition of mutated tumour neo-antigens

Unit Highlights

The NCARD team have several highlights for 2017/18. These include:

  • Inaugural Asbestos Diseases Society PhD scholarship awarded to Dr Melvin Chin, 2018
  • NHMRC Career Development Fellowship, the inaugural Bernie Banton Fellowship, and a Cancer Council of WA Fellowship awarded to Dr Joost Lesterhuis in 2017
  • Anna Nowak awarded the WA Cancer Researcher of the Year for 2018

Top publications

  • Sneddon S, Dick IM, Lee YCG, Musk AW, Patch A-M, Pearson J, Waddell N, Allcock RJN, Holt RA, Robinson BW, Creaney J. Malignant cells from pleural fluids in malignant mesothelioma patients reveal novel mutations. Lung Cancer 2018 Vol 119 May pp 64-70.
  • Lesterhuis WJ, Bosco A, Millward MJ, Small M, Nowak AK, Lake RA. Dynamic versus static biomarkers in cancer immune checkpoint blockade: unravelling complexity Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery, 2017 16 264-72.
  • McDonnell AM, Cook A, Robinson BWS, Lake RA, Nowak AK. Serial immunomonitoring of cancer patients receiving combined antagonistic anti-CD40 and chemotherapy reveals consistent and cyclical modulation of T cell and dendritic cell parameters. BMC Cancer 2017 17 417.

NCARD newsletters

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National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD) was last modified: June 27th, 2019 by Sarah Cermak