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The Alan King Westcare Grant

The Alan King Westcare Grant

John Mitchell, CEO of Westcare Inc (right), presenting the 2017 cheque to our Director, E/Prof Geoff Stewart

$350,000 grant for research into respiratory infections

Since the middle of the previous century, Westcare Inc. (previously known as the Tuberculosis Association of Western Australia) has been committed to helping those afflicted with tuberculosis through promoting awareness and treatment of this disease, as well as raising money for research.

The Alan King Westcare Grant was named in honour of Dr Alan King, a pioneering West Australian respiratory physician who was instrumental in establishing Westcare Inc.

The Institute for Respiratory Health and Westcare Inc have formed a partnership based upon a common interest in lung disease and disability, including, tuberculosis, and their continuing impact on the community, including our indigenous populations.

For the past seven years, Westcare Inc has supported the Institute in its aim of improving our understanding of the pathology, epidemiology and treatment of infectious lung diseases, the ultimate goal of which is to reduce their burden on society.

What has the grant achieved?

Thanks to the support of Westcare Inc, we have been able to award $350,000 towards research into infectious diseases.
These have included:


Prof Steve Mutsaers, Institute for Respiratory Health
Research project: The effects of infection on mesothelial gene transcription: a role for immune check point regulation in chronic disease


Dr Holly Clifford, Telethon Kids Institute
Dr Clifford will use the funding for her research project on environmental dust exposure andbacterial lung infections and their impact in remote Aboriginal Australian communities.


Dr Susan Peters, School of Population Health, The University of Western Australia
Dr Peters’ research focused on WA miners’ morbidity from lower respiratory infections and the association with exposure to diesel exhaust and silica dust.


Professor Y C G Lee, Institute for Respiratory Health, Pleural Medicine Group

Prof Lee explored a translational research program in pleural infection.


Professor Peter LeSouëf, School of Paediatrics and Child Health, Princess Margaret Hospital
Prof LeSouëf research focused on cytokine profiles associated with acute lower respiratory infections in African children.


Professor Y C G Lee, Institute for Respiratory Health, Pleural Medicine Unit
Prof Lee’s translational research examined pleural infection and to optimize antibiotics choice and improve pus drainage.


Professor Peter Richmond, Vaccine Trials Group, The University of Western Australia
Prof Richmond examined the mechanisms of bacterial persistence and the potential for vaccination in patients with COPD


Professor Y C G Lee, Institute for Respiratory Health, Pleural Medicine Unit
Prof Lee’s research focused on the biological interactions of Streptococcal pneumoniae and pleural mesothelial cells in pleural infection.

Alan King Westcare Project Grant


The Alan King Westcare Grant was last modified: January 23rd, 2018 by Sarah Cermak

The Alan King Westcare Grant was last modified: January 23rd, 2018 by Sarah Cermak