Tips for staying healthy this summer

Tips for staying healthy this summer

With summer upon us, there are important things you can do when living with a chronic lung condition in hot and humid weather.

Dealing with summer

Drink plenty of water to keep mucus thinner and more coughable.

Remember to keep taking your medication regularly, including rescue medication (e.g. Ventolin or Bricanyl) in the early stages of any flare-up.

If you are prone to respiratory infections make sure you have your puffer repeats and an antibiotic script on hand to cover the holiday period when
chemists are harder to find open.

If humidity makes breathing much harder, investigate a dehumidifier.

Call your GP or respiratory specialist’s clinic if shortness of breath increases, and don’t delay getting to urgent care or an emergency department if it
worsens and doesn’t respond to medication. Try an after-hours GP service if needed.

Stay active – maintain your exercise program, especially your daily 20-30 minute walk.

Plan your outdoor activities in the cooler times of the day or walk at an airconditioned shopping centre.

Keep indoors if bushfire smoke is around and use air conditioning.

Article by: Jenni Ibrahim, Breath-of-LIFE-Summer-2017-18

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