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Early screening for lung cancer

Tuesday, May 08, 2018 | Research

Early screening for lung cancer

Thousands of people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year and as there are no symptoms during early stages it is difficult to detect.

Doctors are starting a new clinical research program is using low dose CT scans to help detect early-stage lung cancer.

The lung cancer screening program involves a CT scan of the lungs. Sometimes, more tests are required. The CT scan can find lung cancer before it has spread and treatment with surgery is offered to cure it.

People over 55 who are current or former smokers and are in good health may be eligible to take part in the trial.

In a recent interview with the ABC Drive Program, Dr Fraser Brims discusses lung cancer and the screening program.

Fraser Brim on ABC Perth Drive

To register for the WA International Lung Screen Trial please click here or call 1800 768 655.

Find out more about low dose CT screening and the lung cancer programs.

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