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Professor Gary Lee named Cancer Researcher of the Year

Thursday, July 25, 2019 | Research

Prof Gary Lee, head of the Pleural Medicine Unit has been awarded the 2019 Cancer Researcher of the Year by the Cancer Council WA.

Professor Lee is a world leader in pleural medicine and has been instrumental in advancing treatment options for patients with lung and breast cancer.

Professor Gary Lee receiving his award from Cancer Council WA

More than 8000 Australians and one million cancer patients worldwide suffer from breathlessness due to pleural effusion, the build-up of fluid in the chest. The condition causes disabling breathlessness that requires repeated invasive procedures to remove the fluid. The management of cancer-related effusions also accounts for more than 8000 bed days and more than 10 million healthcare costs each year in public hospitals of Western Australia alone.

Prof Gary Lee and his team of specialists, have led two revolutionary studies across hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia investigating a new drainage device called IPCs (indwelling pleural catheters).

IPCs are a small device that are inserted into the chest cavity via a simple procedure. The device then enables patients to drain their fluid at home if and when they become breathless.

The results of the studies have shown that IPCs improve patient symptoms and quality of life.

“To me and my team the most important thing is that IPCs allow patients with advanced cancer to spend significantly less time in hospital and more time at home with family.” Prof Lee

Professor Gary Lee leading a pleural course for respiratory physicians

This new style of treatment also mean patients are spending less time in hospital, thus saving more than 14,000 hospital bed days across Australia per year.

People with lung and breast cancer who are experiencing breathlessness are encouraged to speak to their doctor about treatment options.

Professor Lee discussed his research with Teri Campbell on The Mag at RTR FM 92.1

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