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CTU and the Coronavirus

Thursday, April 16, 2020 | Research

Update from the Clinical Trials Unit

CTU B Team
Team B: Meagan, Rocquel and Michelle

We have been meeting the challenges of COVID-19, and split the clinic into two teams – Team A and Team B as pictured.  The teams are working alternately half the week in the clinic and have set up to work from home the other half.  The two teams are missing each other, as it could be a few months before they meet up again face to face.  There are quite a few Zoom meetings being held to keep in touch and ensure all patients are safe and cared for.

Essential trials are continuing, however, last week patients have been having phone visits, and the trial medications have been couriered to their homes.  Some patients still prefer to come into the clinic, where every effort has been made to provide a safe environment.  There is COVID-19 screening by phone, and then at reception when people arrive, and currently our patients have sole use of the clinic rooms.

Trials yet to begin have been put on hold, and our sponsors remain positive enabling us to prepare in advance for the end of COVID-19, which we are very much looking forward to.