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Swap social media for 30 minutes of exercise for healthy lungs

Sunday, September 25, 2022 | News

Research shows spending 30 minutes less on social media daily and engaging in exercise for 30 minutes five-days a week instead is great for your mental health but also good to keep your lungs healthy.

Today is World Lung Day! To recognise the day the Institute for Respiratory Health is challenging Western Australians to swap their social media activity for exercise instead.

“Whether you’re healthy or have a lung condition, regular exercise improves the quality of life,” Professor Yuben Moodley, from the Institute said.  

“Often the problem is finding the time to exercise but if you replace your social media activity with exercise it will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and your lungs.

“It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes five days a week. You can mix it up as long as you are engaging in 150 minutes of exercise a week. It can be 20 minutes every day instead,” Professor Moodley said.

“But if this feels like too much, especially if you have a lung condition, any activity is better than none. Over time you’ll get fitter and will be able to do more. Different types of exercise have different benefits.”

The Institute recommends both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities for healthy lungs. Aerobic activities like walking briskly, dancing, housework, gardening and rigorous housework.

Muscle-strengthening activities like weight-lifting or Pilates build core strength, improve posture and tone your breathing muscles. Breathing exercises in particular can strengthen your diaphragm and train your body to breathe more deeply and more effectively.

“It’s springtime and there’s no better time to ditch your social media and swap it with exercise, you’ll feel a lot happier and you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier,” Professor Moodley said.

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