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Research funding success for LUCAP

Friday, January 20, 2023 | News

The Lung Cancer Clinical Quality Data Platform (LUCAP) has been awarded two research grants totalling nearly $700,000 to expand its reach across Australia.  

Led by Professor Fraser Brims from the Institute for Respiratory Health, LUCAP aims to improve the quality of patient care and outcomes for people with lung cancer by measuring and comparing the quality of care from hospitals and healthcare settings across Australia.

Patient data is collected and analysed from the initial stages of diagnosis and follows the patient’s journey. Over time, a clearer picture of lung cancer care across Australia will emerge with an understanding of how quickly people get lung cancer tests, what sorts of tests are done and how fast people get treated.  

Funded by Cancer Australia and Lung Foundation Australia, LUCAP will now be able to reach institutions in New South Wales and Queensland.

Funding from the Lung Ambition Alliance will support the expansion of the Western Australian (WA) LUCAP pilot project, with recruitment expanding to all major public hospitals across WA.

“It is fantastic to be able to expand LUCAP nationally and further within WA. We now have strong support from all states and territories and major stakeholders involved in lung cancer care in Australia.” Professor Brims said.

“We can now look to meaningfully impact changes on Australia’s leading cause of cancer-related death.”

Lung cancer is Australia’s biggest cancer killer, killing more Australians than breast and bowel cancers combined and has the lowest survival rate.

Modelling shows up to 170,000 Australians will be diagnosed with lung cancer over the next decade and it will remain the leading cause of cancer death for the next two decades.

Variations in the provision and quality of lung cancer care in Australia have been repeatedly described, which impacts outcomes for patients with lung cancer.

LUCAP is the first of its kind in Australia. It works with leading respiratory experts and companies across the country and uses world-leading tech.

“Just like the National Lung Cancer Audit in the United Kingdom, we hope to drive improvements in lung cancer care and outcomes by bringing the standard of lung cancer care up to that of the best in the world,” Professor Brims said.

LUCAP is proudly supported by the Institute for Respiratory Health.

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