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New National Standards for Lung Cancer Care Established

Friday, June 23, 2023 | News

The Lung Cancer internet-based Delphi (LuCiD), led by Professor Fraser Brims from the Institute for Respiratory Health, has achieved a significant milestone by developing comprehensive national standards for lung cancer treatment and care. These standards are set to have a profound impact on the lives and wellbeing of Australians affected by lung cancer.

Professor Fraser Brims, in collaboration with Curtin University’s PhD candidate Jessica Nash, spearheaded the LuCiD study, which brought together researchers, clinicians and consumer representatives from across the country.

LuCiD aimed to identify the most critical clinical quality indicators (CQIs) for lung cancer treatment and care. These CQIs serve as benchmarks to ensure high-quality and consistent care for lung cancer patients across various treatment centres across Australia. By engaging experts and representatives from diverse backgrounds, LuCiD successfully reached a consensus on the essential indicators that will significantly enhance the overall quality of care for those with lung cancer.

The nationally agreed CQIs for lung cancer, as determined by the LuCiD study, will form the foundation for data analysis and reporting through the LUng Cancer clinical quality dAta Platform (LUCAP) project.

This project is dedicated to improving outcomes for individuals fighting lung cancer by identifying and addressing any variations in care that may exist. The LUCAP data platform will measure and compare these CQIs from different treatment centres, providing valuable insights into the state of lung cancer care in Australia.

Professor Fraser Brims said, “Over time, this comprehensive analysis will paint a clearer picture of the current state of lung cancer care in Australia.

“Treatment centres that may fall short in certain areas will be prompted to improve their practices and enhance patient outcomes.

“By establishing national standards and promoting consistent high-quality care, LuCiD and the LUCAP project will ultimately save lives and improve the wellbeing of individuals affected by lung cancer.”

The newly established national standards will set a benchmark for excellence and serve as a catalyst for positive change in lung cancer treatment and care across Australia.

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