Respiratory leaders call on government to extend free flu jab - Institute for Respiratory Health

Respiratory leaders call on government to extend free flu jab

Friday, July 07, 2023 | News

The Institute for Respiratory Health, a leading authority on respiratory diseases, is urgently calling upon the government to extend the provision of free flu vaccinations.

The latest data reveals that hospitalisations due to the flu have tripled compared to the same period last year, with an even greater impact on children. Despite a slight decrease in overall flu cases and GP presentations, emergency departments are witnessing a surge in severe flu cases, placing previously healthy adults in intensive care units, fighting for their lives.

“The strain on the healthcare system is becoming increasingly evident,” Professor Yuben Moodley, Deputy Director at the Institute said.

“We do have vaccination fatigue in the community,” Professor Yuben Moodley said, “but vulnerable people with lung disease and kids should get the flu jab to protect themselves.

“Only one in five kids have received the flu vaccine. Many people don’t see the flu as a risk – but it can pose a significant health threat.

“Extending the free flu jab program for another month will safeguard the health of the Western Australian community but also alleviate the burden on the healthcare service.

“By providing an additional month of free vaccinations, more individuals, especially children and vulnerable populations, will have the opportunity to access the vaccine and strengthen their immune defences against the flu.”

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