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Writing for a cause: WA author, 93, donates book proceeds to IPF research

Thursday, July 20, 2023 | News

In an extraordinary act of generosity, esteemed Kalamunda author Alice Dale, aged 93, has launched a charitable initiative to support research into Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a devastating disease with no known cure.

Alice’s motivation to fundraise for IPF research, through the sales of her new novel, stems from a deeply personal connection. Her son, Tony aged 61, was diagnosed with the incurable lung condition last year, leaving the family desperate for hope.

As Alice delved into the world of IPF, she discovered the pressing need for funding to drive research advancements and develop life-saving medications for those like Tony, who are affected.

“I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Perth has its own leading respiratory research centre that leads IPF research and the development of new innovative treatments and I wanted to support the work of the Institute for Respiratory Health,” Alice said.

“The Institute also runs world-leading clinical trials and Tony is keen to participate and we’re hoping we can get him on a IPF research study soon.”

Drawing from a lifelong passion for writing, Alice has always had a creative spark. As a former actress and radio presenter, she honed her skills in storytelling, crafting scripts and content that captivated audiences.

However, it wasn’t until the age of 90, during the COVID lockdown, that Alice felt inspired to revisit an old novel she had written 10 years earlier but had never been satisfied with.

“The rewriting of “Ae Fond Kiss” marked a turning point for me, reigniting my love for writing,” Alice said.

In her latest novel, Double Diagnosis, a captivating psychological thriller and Alice’s third work, she delves into the intricate web of human emotions and the consequences of playing God in the lives of others. The story follows protagonist Marjorie, who finds solace in an amnesiac girl seeking help, only to face unforeseen repercussions from her involvement.

Alice invites readers to join her in supporting this vital cause. “By immersing yourself in the gripping narrative of Double Diagnosis, you will not only embark on a thrilling literary journey but also help fund critical IPF research that could save lives.”

The novel is available for purchase via alicedale.com.au, proceeds will be dedicated to advancing IPF research. If you don’t want to buy the book but still want to make a donation, please visit – resphealth.org.au/ipf .Your generosity, no matter the size will be greatly appreciated.

IPF is a progressive and irreversible lung disease that poses significant challenges for those affected. With no cure and limited treatment options available, investing in research is of paramount importance to improve patient outcomes and extend life expectancy.

Discover more about Alice’s incredible journey and literary works by visiting alicedale.com.au.

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