Flu vaccine urged for vulnerable Western Australians - Institute for Respiratory Health

Flu vaccine urged for vulnerable Western Australians

Thursday, April 04, 2024 | Uncategorised

Respiratory expert, Professor Yuben Moodley, Deputy Director of the Institute for Respiratory Health, is urging the Western Australian public to come forward for their flu jab to maximise their protection ahead of winter.

“Young children, pregnant women, older adults and those with long-term lung conditions, as well as certain chronic medical condition are particularly vulnerable to flu,” Professor Moodley said.

“The flu vaccine will be available from May-June to all Western Australians aged six months and older. We do strongly recommend getting vaccinated as early as possible, especially considering that in 2023, the flu season peaked in June.”

Given Australian flu epidemics are typically ignited by returned overseas travellers, reviewing the Northern Hemisphere flu season often provides a glimpse into what Australia can expect.

“Last year the Northern Hemisphere saw a surge in flu cases alongside a slight decrease in Covid-19 numbers,” Professor Moodley said.

“Flurona, is still a risk, where you catch both viruses at the same time. We recommend that vulnerable groups get vaccinated for both.”

Common symptoms in adults include a sudden high temperature, aches, a dry cough and a sore throat. The symptoms are similar in children but they can also suffer from ear pain and appear less active.

“If people feel unwell, particularly those with lung disease and the vulnerable, they should stay at home. Practising good public hygiene such as regular handwashing and throwing tissues away once they’ve been used will help,” Professor Moodley said.

For more details on the flu vaccine visit Department of Health and Aged Care.