World Environment Day:  lung expert advocates for more trees - Institute for Respiratory Health

World Environment Day:  lung expert advocates for more trees

Wednesday, June 05, 2024 | News

On this World Environment Day, the Institute for Respiratory Health urges Western Australians to transform their surroundings with more trees and greenery. Adding plants to gardens, workplaces and community spaces can positively impact our environment and lung health.

Professor Yuben Moodley, Deputy Director at the Institute, said, “Trees are the lungs of the earth. They turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and we can’t live without them.

“Planting more trees, especially in concrete jungles, can boost our wellbeing. Trees not only clean the air but also provide shade, cool down cities and create places for us to relax.”

The Institute highlights the strong link between a healthy environment and healthy lungs. Urbanisation and deforestation increase pollution, which harms our lung health. By planting trees and creating green spaces, we can fight these problems and make our environment healthier.

Professor Moodley adds, “By adding more greenery to our cities and suburbs, we can cut down on pollution and breathe cleaner air, which means healthier lungs.”

The Institute for Respiratory Health encourages everyone to take simple steps like planting native trees and shrubs, supporting local green projects and pushing for more green spaces in urban planning.

Additionally, consider supporting the local charity Trillion Trees to help plant even more trees and make a lasting difference.

The Institute is dedicated to research and actions that promote both lung health and environmental sustainability.

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