COPD research

COPD Research

Living with COPD

People living with COPD experience a progressive decline in lung function, even with current treatments and giving up smoking. They can also experience severe flare-ups, resulting in increased breathlessness and irreversible damage to their lungs. These flare-ups are often associated with lung infections due to viruses and bacteria suggesting a faulty immune system.

Dr Dino Tan’ research into COPD

Dr Dino Tan, a scientist from the Institute’s Stem Cell Therapy Unit is currently looking at what causes these flare-ups and how to restore a protective immune response.

Results from his studies might then assist not only in developing ways of reducing these damaging flare-ups in susceptible COPD patients but, importantly, also prevent further lung damage and improve overall quality of life.

Video: Listen to Dr Tan as he talks about his research into COPD












You can help the 1 in 7 people living in Australia with COPD by supporting research projects like Dr Tan’s.

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