A Grape Night In - Institute for Respiratory Health

A Grape Night In

Looking for a fun new way to fundraise with friends?

Why not host a wine tasting night?

Grape Night In

A Grape Night In event at your place is all about having an affordable night in enjoying wine with your friends or workmates in the comfort of your own space.

We will tailor the details to your specific needs, whether it’s in your home, workplace or funky venue.

Our wine tasting is run by Centre Euro Wines, they provide a wide range of white and red wines to trial, along with lovely bubbles and a range of exquisite liquors.

All you have to do is book the day and time of your event and we will handle the rest. Your guests will be entertained by our wine guru, who won’t use wine speak to baffle you, you’ll find the experience fun and educational.

If you have friends who don’t drink, we will bring a few non-alcoholic options along for them to try to make sure everyone can get involved and enjoy the fun.

To help fundraise vital monies for the Institute for Respiratory Health we ask for a donation for attending your event and ask guests to confirm their attendance by donating through –

We will provide a few bottles of wine for you to raffle on the night too and perhaps you want to have a few other prizes, to help raise vital funds for the Institute for Respiratory Health.

All you have to do is invite some friends or colleagues and have a Grape Night In.

Host a Grape Night In

Grape Night In
  1. Set a time, date and venue for your event and book online. We will confirm that our host is available to cover the wine tasting.
  2. Invitations
    Invite your guests, we’ve provided a Facebook event header and Instagram post template that you can use. Just simply click on the link, right click and save the image to your computer then post directly to Facebook or Instagram.

    Facebook post
    Instagram post
  3. Let guests know that this is a fundraising event and that you are asking for a small donation to attend. Most groups who have done this have set an entry fee of $30 per person. Set up a fundraising page by going to Everyday Hero online and search for the Institute for Respiratory Health. Click on ‘create a supporter’s page’. And you are all set.
  4. Set a RSVP date for your event.  
  5. Decide on the prizes you’d like to raffle – we will provide a complimentary bottle of wine.
  6. Organise canapes for the evening – cheese platters work well.
  7. We will bring all wines, liquors and tasting glasses.  
  8. We will arrive half an hour before your event starts.
  9. The wine tasting will last from one to one-and-a-half hours depending on the size of your group.
  10. Let guests know why you are hosting the event, let them know about the Institute for Respiratory Health.
  11. Sit back, relax, have fun and have a corker of an evening.

Responsible drinking

Grape Night In

We encourage everyone participating in a Grape Night In to drink responsibly.

Stay safe by:

  • Having plenty of snacks.
  • Only invite over 18s.
  • Encouraging your guests to plan how they’ll be getting home in advance.