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Lifechanging treatment resets Tapping woman’s life

A 31-year-old Tapping woman, who until recently had a lung function of just 33 per cent and weighed 36kg, can breathe again for the first time in years thanks to the wonderdrug Trikafta.

Cassie Domjahn, a passionate horse rider who has cystic fibrosis, will be sharing her inspirational and challenging journey with guests at the Glenn Memorial Fundraiser event being held on Melbourne Cup Day at Fraser’s Restaurant in King’s Park.

Before taking Trikafta Cassie couldn’t work due to her poor lung health and shopped for clothing in the kids’ section well into her late 20s as she was severely underweight.

This all changed when Cassie started taking the medication Trikafta in 2020.

“I know it sounds hard to believe but within 24 hours, I noticed things started to change for the better,” Cassie said.

“And over time there were lots of other positive health changes. My cough cleared up; I could sleep better for the first time in years. I had so much energy I wanted to run everywhere and could do it without gasping for breath.

“I could even laugh without triggering a coughing fit. On top of this, my appetite returned and four years later I now weigh 56kgs and feel great.  

“The miracle treatment Trikafta is only available due to ground-breaking research that companies like the Institute for Respiratory Health undertake through their amazing clinical trials unit based right here in Perth.

“Without research and clinical trials, treatments like Trikafta wouldn’t exist and lives would be lost.

“I’m honoured to be asked to speak at this event as it has raised more than half a million to support game-changing research that leads to discoveries like Trikafta.”

Today Cassie works as a receptionist for a chiropractor and podiatrist. She also has her own small business called Rustic Cuts Design Co and designs custom steel signs to be showcased in gardens and properties.

The Glenn Brown Memorial Fundraiser is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It has supported 10 Western Australian respiratory research projects and 46 scientists, doctors and students in the quest for groundbreaking discoveries.

“It’s incredible to breathe easy again and I want to help others by sharing my story and raising awareness about supporting respiratory research as it is severely underfunded.”

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