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NCARD Students


Kiarash Behrouzfar

Kiarash joined NCARD in June 2019 on an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. Originally, from Isfahan Iran, his PhD project is focussed on performing a comprehensive analysis of gene expression and immunological profiles of the tumour microenvironment to better understand how host genetics affects mesothelioma development. His research forms part of the MexTAg‑Collaborative Cross research program lead by Dr Scott Fisher and Professor Richard Lake.

Synat Keam

Synat has come to Perth from Cambodia on an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. His project uses mouse models of mesothelioma to understand the best ways to combine radiotherapy and Immunotherapy. His supervisors are Professor Anna Nowak and Dr Alistair Cook

Dr Melvin Chin

Dr Melvin Chin is a clinical oncologist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital with a special interest in Mesothelioma and joins NCARD as the current Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia PhD fellowship recipient. Melvin uses high-performance computers to analyse gene expression data from tumour samples, with the aim to find gene signatures that will predict response to treatment with immunotherapy. His supervisors are Dr Joost Lesterhuis, Dr Timo Lassmann, Prof Richard Lake, and Prof Anna Nowak.

Nicola Principe

Nicola completed her Honours degree at NCARD in 2018 and has continued onto a PhD after receiving the UWA Richard Walter Gibbon Medical Research Scholarship. Her project aims to characterise how chemotherapy and immunotherapy improves the anti-mesothelioma immune response. Her supervisors are Dr Jonathan Chee, Dr Alison McDonnell, Dr Joost Lesterhuis and Prof Anna Nowak.

Joel Kidman

Joel started his PhD in 2018, and is a recipient of the iCare Dust Diseases Board PhD scholarship. His project combines novel immuno-sequencing and mathematics to understand why some mesothelioma patients benefit from therapy but not others.  His supervisors are Dr Jonathan Chee, Dr Joost Lesterhuis, A/Prof Mark Watson and Prof Richard Lake

Lizeth Orozco Morales

Lizeth, originally from Mexico, joined NCARD in October 2018 on an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. During her project, she is using mesothelioma mouse models to investigate different drivers of invasion and better understand the development of this disease while targeting some of these factors. Dr Joost Lesterhuis and Professor Richard Lake supervise her project.

Caitlin Tilsed

Caitlin completed her Honours project with NCARD in 2016 and upon receiving an Australian Postgraduate Research Scholarship, commenced her PhD in 2017. Her research is investigating why some patients respond to chemotherapy treatment while others do not and whether we can improve treatment outcomes by combining chemotherapy with other drugs. She is supervised by Dr W. Joost Lesterhuis, Dr Scott Fisher, Professor Richard Lake, and Professor Anna Nowak.

Past Students

  • Dr Rachael Zemek (2019)
  • Dr Wayne Aston (2019)
  • Dr Rachel Zemek (2019)
  • Dr Shaokang Ma (2019)
  • Dr Sophie Sneddon (2018/17)
  • Dr Chidozie Anyaegbu (2016): Research Fellow, Neurotrauma Research Group, Curtin University
  • Dr Mel McCoy (2011): Head, Colorectal Cancer Research Group, St John of God Hospital
  • Dr Alina Miranda (2011)
  • Dr Steve Broomfield (2009)
  • Dr Alison McDonnell (2008): Research Associate, Telethon Kids Institute / University of Western Australia
  • Mr Matt Brown (2007)
  • Dr Chris Blundell (2006)
  • Dr Connie Jackerman (2005)
  • Dr Blair McLaren
  • Dr Jonathan Chan
  • Dr Anna Nowak (2002): Professor of Medicine, Director NCARD
  • Dr Sutapa Mukherjee (2001)
  • Dr Amanda Marzo (1999)
  • Dr Irina Caminschi (1998)