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The Lung Cancer Clinical Quality Data Platform (LUCAP)

What we do

The LUng Cancer clinical quality dAta Platform (LUCAP) is a patient-focused research group who are developing a national clinical quality data platform for lung cancer that collects, analyses and reports on information like how quickly people get lung cancer tests, what sort of tests are done and how quickly people get treatments. 

LUCAP researchers can compare this information against Australian and international guidelines for best clinical care and treatments, so that they can compare standards of care between hospitals. If it looks like something is not going well in one hospital, LUCAP can help the hospital to learn what they need to do differently to improve care, or if something is going very well, LUCAP will help other hospitals learn from the success. This will support lung patients to receive the best quality of care. 

The LUCAP team is made up of experts in lung cancer care, research and advocacy including: respiratory physicians, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses, and importantly, lung cancer patients and survivors. 

LUCAP has the full support of the Institute for Respiratory Health and other peak health bodies. Find out more about their project partners here.

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