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Associate Professor Cecilia Prele

Associate Professor Cecilia Prele

Honorary Researcher
BSc (Hons), PhD

Associate Professor Cecilia Prêle obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from University College London, UK in 2001 and is currently employed as a Honorary Researcher for the Tissue Repair Group within the Institute. After completing a short postdoctoral position at Guy’s, St Thomas’ and Kings College London she relocated to Perth. Her research focuses on investigating signal transduction pathways activated in disease and on how these modified pathways contribute to the initiation and progression of disease.

Her research is part of a larger collaborative program of research, which aims to investigate the mechanisms driving lung tissue repair and regeneration with a focus on:

  • Molecular mechanisms underlying lung fibrosis
  • Mechanisms regulating lung repair and regeneration
  • Multi-potential nature of mesothelial cells and serosal repair


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