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Brenda’s story

Monday, December 16, 2019 | Community

Hi, my name is Brenda

I love Christmas. I plan for it weeks in advance. I enjoy preparing the Christmas dinner menu – I’m the chief cook and love cooking everyone’s favourites. I love writing Christmas cards (yes, I still write these) and inserting a special letter to my loved ones giving them an update about everything that’s happened during the year. I get excited writing the Christmas gift list and deciding what to get everyone based on their feedback throughout the year.

I really treasure, sitting with my 12-year-old grand-daughter Bella around the Christmas tree as she excitedly opens her presents – priceless

But more importantly, I love my wonderful happy memories about all the family get-togethers with my mum (who has sadly since passed away) making her famous Christmas puddings and cakes. The smell and taste of these were out of this world. There was always this sense of excitement around the house – it’s something I’ll keep in my heart forever.

Brenda with her granddaughter Bella and daughter-in-law Stephie

And today I’m making new Christmas memories with my own family – these are moments I really treasure, sitting with my 12-year-old grand-daughter Bella around the Christmas tree as she excitedly opens her presents – priceless.

Even though I love it so much I have a big worry as I have bronchiectasis. I was diagnosed in February this year. I was experiencing breathlessness and a lack of energy for years, but just thought it was my age until I finally went to see a specialist and received the distressing news.

I worry as I wonder if I’m going to be here to spend more happy times at Christmas with my family and see Bella grow up into a beautiful young woman and get married. Will you join me in donating $50 so that the Institute for Respiratory Health’s researchers can continue their life-saving research to help people like me so we get to spend more time with our loved ones?

Christmas time is also special to me as my grandson’s birthday is in December and this year Jacob turns 18 – a significant celebration in a teens’ life. And my daughter-in-law, Stephie, celebrates her birthday on 26 December – so it’s a double celebration in more than one way for the Tye family.

I want to be around to celebrate these special occasions with my loved ones. For this to happen life-saving research needs to be undertaken – research that the dedicated researchers at the Institute can only undertake and we need support from people like you to make this happen. Please will you consider giving a gift of hope this Christmas to help the Institute continue their important work?

Thank you


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