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Containers for Change

Thursday, January 19, 2023 | News

Turn your empty containers into donations and support life-saving research

The Institute for Respiratory Health is excited to be part of Containers for Change. This is an amazing initiative promoting better recycling habits while providing individuals, businesses and the wider community with the opportunity to support your favourite charity.


How it Works
When you recycle with Containers for Change, you get a 10-cent refund for every eligible container you return. Enter The Institute for Respiratory Health’s Scheme ID C10602281 or scan our barcode at Reverse Vending Machine locations.

Eligible Containers
Not all containers are eligible. Here’s a way to remember which ones you can return: Aluminium is a win. Glass and plastic are always in. Steel and paper are good to go. But milk and wine bottles are a no-go.

Where to Return
There are four different types of refund points available in Western Australia. Find your nearest drop-off location here.

This program is a win win you can save the environment whilst supporting life-saving research into lung conditions.

If you have any queries about this awesome program, please get in touch with Alison at