COVID-19 - Institute for Respiratory Health

Any news about the coronavirus can be worrying, especially if you know someone who is in a high-risk category. Here you’ll find up-to date-information on the coronavirus and what you can do to help mitigate the risk of infection.

Treating COVID-19

COVID-19 represents a significant threat to society worldwide because we have little, if any, herd immunity to limit the spread of infection. Here we look at immunity, vaccines and what lies ahead for COVID-19.

How to cope with self-isolation

We are living in troublesome times and it is vital we stay as healthy as possible. Jenni Ibrahim, the Coordinator of the LIFE Group talks about managing our physical, mental and emotional health during COVID-19.

How to stay healthy during the Coronavirus

Being in protective self-isolation is recommended for people over 60 with a chronic condition. Here are some important messages about suitable exercises for people with a chronic lung condition during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washing your hands

The message is clear from authorities around the world, washing your hands will prevent the spread of germs. It's a simple message but a vital one. Jessica Urquhart from our Clinical Trials Unit demonstrates how to wash your hands properly.