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Study Outline

This study is a Phase 3 clinical trial which aims to evaluate a potential new medicine for severe asthma and is not yet approved to treat patients with asthma.

GSK3511294 (also known as the study drug) is a type of medicine called a monoclonal antibody that is made in the laboratory. It works by blocking a specific protein in the body called interleukin-5 which is involved in the severity of asthma and inflammation of the lungs.

The study drug works the same way as three already approved asthma medications: mepolizumab, reslizumab, and benralizumab. These medications are taken every 4 to 8 weeks. However, it is hoped that the effect of the study drug will last over a longer period of time (once every 26 weeks).


To find out if this trial is suitable for you please register below, or contact our Clinical Trials Team at or phone 6151 0888.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Aged 18 years and older
  • Diagnosis of asthma
  • Already on mepolizumab or benralizumab

What's Involved


  • The trial will run for up to 15 months.
  • During this period you will be required to attend up to 18 visits to the Institute for Respiratory Health at QEII Medical Centre in Nedlands.
Principal Investigator
Dr John Blakey
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