LUNG CANCER SCREENING Research in America has shown that screening people who have the highest chance of developing lung cancer can prevent deaths. Lung cancer screening involves a CT scan of the lungs. Sometimes, more tests are required. The CT scan can find lung cancer before it has spread and treatment with surgery is offered […]

Exercise trial aimed at people with cystic fibrosis

Exercise trial aimed at people with cystic fibrosis Thanks to the Conquer CF scholarship program, PhD student Abbey Sawyer is leading the way in an exercise trial aimed at people with cystic fibrosis (CF). People living with CF not only have reduced exercise capacity but also have; a high daily treatment burden involving medication; nutritional supplementation and; […]

The latest Breath of LIFE magazine

Breath of L I F E Autumn 2018 Here’s the latest issue of Breath of L I F E, the magazine of Lung Information & Friendship for Everyone. As well as lots of news, humour and healthy eating tips, there are articles about; Temperature and breathlessness Macrolides and interstitial lung disease Lung laughs L I […]

COPD research

COPD Research Living with COPD People living with COPD experience a progressive decline in lung function, even with current treatments and giving up smoking. They can also experience severe flare-ups, resulting in increased breathlessness and irreversible damage to their lungs. These flare-ups are often associated with lung infections due to viruses and bacteria suggesting a […]

Festival raises funds for lab equipment

Festival raises funds for lab equipment Thanks to the musical band Sweet Melodies, AUD $7,140.00 was donated to purchase a microscope and centrifuge for our laboratory. The donation was made from the proceeds of the annual NAVRANG event which celebrates the Hindu Religious occasion of Navratri. The event was held at the HBF Arena over four nights. The donation was […]

Melbourne Cup Fundraiser raises over $45K

Thank you for your generosity! The MC Committee is thrilled to announce that $45,759.89 was raised for cystic fibrosis research The MC Committee believe that supporting medical research here in Western Australia is a positive way of fighting this cruel condition. 100% of the funds raised go into the Glenn Brown Memorial Grant, allowing researchers […]

2017 Grant winners announced

2017 GRANT WINNERS ANNOUNCED We announced the winners of the 2017 Westcare and Glenn Brown Memorial Grants at our Partnership event last week. Dr Alan King Westcare Grant Prof Steve Mutsaers, Institute for Respiratory Health Research project: The effects of infection on mesothelial gene transcription: a role for immune check point regulation in chronic disease The Alan King […]

Tips for staying healthy this summer

Tips for staying healthy this summer With summer upon us, there are important things you can do when living with a chronic lung condition in hot and humid weather. Dealing with summer Drink plenty of water to keep mucus thinner and more coughable. Remember to keep taking your medication regularly, including rescue medication (e.g. Ventolin or Bricanyl) […]

Let’s get physical

While most chronic lung conditions have no cure, there are things that we can do to breathe easier, keep out of hospital and improve our quality of life. One of the important ones is doing pulmonary rehabilitation. Pulmonary rehabilitation Pulmonary rehabilitation is a comprehensive program of education and exercise – and research has shown that […]

Your wellbeing – your plan

Your wellbeing – your plan Recently Bob Ziegler from COTA WA met with the L I F E group to update members on developments in aged care under the new consumer directed care (CDC) model being implemented across Australia, and more recently in WA. Under CDC it is the consumers who say what kind of services will help […]